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  • Iain McCalman: Great Barrier Reef stories[15 September 2015]

    Iain McCalman 'In Converation' with Richard Fidler: How this vast coral country turned from a place of tragedy and horror, to a thing of wonder. Listen to the podcast 


  • Warwick Anderson shortlisted for the NSW Premier's General History Award[17 August 2015]

    Intolerant Bodies: A Short History of Autoimmunity by Warwick Anderson and Ian R Mackay his been shortlisted for NSW Premier's General History Award.

    Intolerant Bodies is a unique collaboration between Ian Mackay, one of the prominent founders of clinical immunology, and Warwick Anderson, a leading historian of twentieth-century biomedical science. The authors narrate the changing scientific understanding of the cause of autoimmunity and explore the significance of having a disease in which one’s body turns on itself. The book unfolds as a biography of a relatively new concept of pathogenesis, one that was accepted only in the 1950s.

    In their description of the onset, symptoms, and course of autoimmune diseases, Anderson and Mackay quote from the writings of Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe, Joseph Heller, Flannery O’Connor, and other famous people who commented on or grappled with autoimmune disease. The authors also assess the work of the dedicated researchers and physicians who have struggled to understand the mysteries of autoimmunity.


  • Ann Curthoys: Australian political culture and its colonial history[31 July 2015]

    Now available as a podcast from Radio National's Big Ideas program