International History at the University of Sydney

What is International History?

International History has been around since the origins of modern historiography. It has its roots in the Rankean tradition of diplomatic history, namely the study of state foreign policies. It would be surprising, however, if over the course of more than a century international history had remained only the analysis of state archives. When, at the end of the First World War, international relations emerged as a field of scholarship, International History began to encompass the study of empires, races, economies, societies, and internationalism itself. At the end of the twentieth century, it was as influenced by developments in the broader study of history, including the new interest in the cultural dimension of politics, and in transnational organisations and experiences.

What is International History at the University of Sydney?

International History at the University of Sydney represents a wide range of research and teaching interests. Some of these reflect the department’s traditional strengths in regions, particularly the history of America, Australia, Britain and Europe. Staff are also developing programs and projects focused on international and transnational themes, including the history of international law, international organisations such as the League of Nations and the United Nations, international institutions, terrorism, diplomacy, the Congress of Vienna, and genocide.

Who is involved in International History at Sydney?

International Historians at the University of Sydney include Prof Glenda Sluga, Assoc Prof James Curran, Dr Marco Duranti, Assoc Prof Andrew Fitzmaurice, Dr Julia Horne, Assoc Prof Dirk Moses and Dr Tamson Pietsch (DECRA Fellow).

The Department of History at the University of Sydney is the research and teaching leader in International History in Australia. Our staff have research links with major institutions throughout the world, including Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Columbia, the École Normale Superieur, Birkbeck and the universities of the World University Network (WUN). The Department hosts visiting experts in the field, currently including Prof. David Armitage of Harvard University.
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International History Events at Sydney?

For further information on upcoming events please visit the Laureate Research Program in International History events page.

How do I study International History at Sydney?

We supervise in a wide range of areas in International History, extending across political, social, and cultural methodologies. We also have International History coursework offerings for postgraduates. The department of History offers a unit of study at undergraduate level in International and Global History, as well as units in Imperialism, Genocide, Arab-Israeli Relations, and American Foreign Policy.
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