Current Research

Current research projects in International History at the University of Sydney include:

The International History of Universities

A hub developed by Dr Julia Horne that sees its first outing in Feb 2010 at an ASSA funded workshop run by Prof Glenda Sluga in collaboration with the University of Melbourne on the role of Carnegie Endowment in Australia. It will also examine international connections between universities outside the British empire (though also looking at those within the empire), especially with the US.

Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism, and Women and the Congress of Vienna

Prof. Glenda Sluga's current Australian Research Council Project. Part of the project involves the am development of a website of primary sources and collaborations with universities at Berne and Ljubljana and Vienna. Prof. Sluga will be leading a ‘Cosmopolitan’ hub under the auspices of the Institute for Social Sciences as of 2009.

The International Community and Genocide Prevention in the Age of Decolonization

As part of Assoc Prof Moses’ ARC Project, he is investigating how the United Nations and international community more generally responded to genocidal violence the new postcolonial nation-states of the 1960s and early 1970s.