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Crash and crisis in contemporary Europe: lessons from history

Tuesday 4 September, 2012, 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Assembly Hall, Ground Floor,
St James Campus (Old Law School),
173-175 Phillip St, Sydney

As Europe seems unable to extract itself from financial crisis, historians and politicians have pondered the comparison between the world of the great depression in Europe and the rise of fascism and the events that are taking shape now. Will history repeat itself as a new generation, frustrated with austerity, forgets the lessons of Europe’s traumatic history and turn to extremist solutions?

For our next Why History Matters forum we bring together a group of distinguished historians who are experts on international economic history, democracy and the rise of political extremism in Europe. Their brief is to discuss the lessons that history can teach us in dealing with the European crisis, as a global crisis, now.

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The International Turn: Bologna Workshop, New Histories of Internationalism #2

Tuesday September 4, 2012
Presented by the International Society Research Cluster
Supported by The Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (IDHR)

Kevin Lee Room, Quadrangle Building, University of Sydney
For more information please contact Professor Glenda Sluga

9:30 -­ 10:00am Welcome

10:00 -­ 11:00am Session One

  • Chair: Professor Glenda Sluga, University of Sydney
  • When Did Inter-­imperial-­im Become Inter-­national-­ism, or Did It Ever?: Empires and International Organisations, 1880 -­ 1945
    Dr. Tomoko Akami, Australian National University
  • Internationalism As a Reaction to the Carnage of World War One: HB Higgins Reading
    Rabindranath Tagore
    Professor Marilyn Lake, La Trobe University

11:00 -­ 11:30am Morning Coffee Break

11:30 -­ 12:30pm Session Two

  • Chair: Professor Patricia Clavin, University of Oxford
    Transnational Community, but International Problem: Disarmament as Success or Failure for the League of Nations
    Associate Professor Andrew Webster, Murdoch University
  • Japan’s “Nationalistic Internationalism” and Cooperation with International Cultural Organisations
    Dr. Liang Pan, Tsukuba, Japan

12:30 -­ 1:30pm Lunch

1:30 -­ 3:00pm Session Three

  • Chair: Dr. Marco Duranti, University of Sydney
  • Anti-­Slavery and Aborigines’ Protection in the Interwar Years: The View from London
    Associate Professor Fiona Paisley,
  • Internationalism Changing Sides: the 1950s-­1980s
    Dr. Nicholas Brown, Australian National University
  • ‘All the Little Children of the World’: Internationalism and Childhood in the 20th Century
    Professor Kate Darian-­Smith, University of Melbourne

3:00 -­ 3:15pm Afternoon Coffee Break

3:15 -­ 4:15pm Session Four

  • Chair: Professor Patrizia Dogliani, University of Bologna
  • Asian Crisis and the Global Order Across the 20th Century
    Associate Professor Thomas Dubois, Australian National University
  • International lieux de mémoire
    Dr. Marco Duranti and Professor Glenda Sluga, University of Sydney

4:15 -­ 4:45pm Closing Discussion: Publication Planning