Follow the links below to access the profiles and contact details of International Historians at the University of Sydney:

  • Assoc Prof James Curran
  • Dr Marco Duranti is lecturer in history at the University of Sydney and co-director of the Nation Empire Globe research cluster. He work focuses on the history of Western European politics in the twentieth century, as well as the history of human rights, the history of international law and international organization, and the history of transnational flows, movements and networks. His work on twentieth-century international and transnational politics has appeared in the Journal of Contemporary History, Journal of Genocide Research and Humanity. He is currently completing a monograph for Oxford University Press entitled Human Rights and Conservative Politics in Postwar Europe.
  • Assoc Prof Andrew Fitzmaurice
  • Dr Julia Horne
  • Dr Cindy McCreery
  • Assoc Prof Dirk Moses
  • Dr Tamson Pietsch (DECRA Fellow)
  • Prof. Glenda Sluga