The Fifth International History Graduate Intensive


17-18 July 2014

The international turn in historiography has led to new questions about the nature and purpose of diplomacy since the early modern period. Drawing on a range of theoretical and methodological approaches, historians are uncovering the changing sources and agents of political power in relationships between sovereign polities, whether dynasties, empires, or nation-states, or in the relatively unexplored realm of an international public sphere. This intensive brings together graduate students at all stages of their doctoral research exploring new kinds of evidence and new themes in diplomatic history, including, but not limited to, the role of women and gender, the relationship of the private to the public, the global history of intellectual thought and the transnational setting of nation-making.

The call for applications is now open to graduate students who would like to participate in this workshop. Students are encouraged to consider the broad historiographical implications of their work, and in some way engage with the literature on international historiography. Places will be offered to up to 20 graduate research students. Each successful applicant will have the opportunity to present a paper and receive individual feedback from the participating Faculty.

Participating Faculty members include:

  • Professor David Armitage (Harvard/Sydney)
  • Professor Peter Becker (Vienna)
  • Professor Kathleen Burk (UCL)
  • Professor Christopher Clark (Cambridge)
  • Dr. Adam Clulow (Monash)
  • Professor Karen Hagemann (UNC, Chapel Hill)
  • Professor Dirk Moses (EUI)

The Graduate Intensive will be convened by Professor Glenda Sluga, University of Sydney.

All applications should include a one-page paper proposal and a short bio with information regarding your graduate research topic, institutional affiliation and estimated year of completion. Applications should be sent to Marigold Black and are due by 31 January, 2014.

Papers to be presented at the Graduate Intensive will need to be submitted by the beginning of June 2014 for circulation amongst the Faculty and registered participants.

Some subsidies for accommodation for students coming from outside the Sydney area may be available. Applicants should indicate whether would like to apply for this funding. Students who require travel subsidies should approach their relevant institution (for further information see below).

For more information please contact:
Professor Glenda Sluga
Marigold Black

Applicants from Harvard University ONLY should apply to Professor David Armitage.
Applicants from Stanford University ONLY should apply to Professor Norman Naimark.
Applicants from the EUI ONLY should apply to Professor Dirk Moses.
Applicants from Vienna ONLY should apply to Professor Peter Becker.