The price of freedom

People Involved

Dr Andrew Fitzmaurice

Project overview

A consensus has emerged in Western democracies since September 11, 2001, that the liberty of nationals and non-nationals alike must sometimes be compromised in order to secure the freedom of all. This project will unearth a rival understanding of freedom which developed in Western political thought over five hundred years and which insisted that the compromise of the freedom of any individual or group (and particularly that of non-nationals) is an attack on the liberty of all.

Project Details

The paradox that freedom must be built upon unfreedom is not new and has gained support from a revision of Western political traditions over the past generation. The aim of this project is to excavate a rival understanding of freedom within Western political thought, one which argued that if the liberty of any individual or group is compromised the freedom of all is eroded. This rival tradition was developed by anti-imperial writers from the sixteenth to the twentieth century.


Australian Research Council Discovery Project Grant 2007-2010