The Racial Century, 1850-1950: Biopolitics and Genocide in Germany and Australia

People Involved

Dr Dirk Moses

Project overview

This project investigates issues of genocide in Germany and Australia. Far from equating the events in both countries over the past two centuries, it investigates why there was a radicalisation of ‘racial hygiene’ policies in Germany after 1920 and not in Australia.

Project Details

I write about genocide generally, as well as about Australia and Germany. I am currently working on a world history of genocide for Blackwell, as well as an edited volume, Genocide and Coloniailsm, due in 2005 with Berghan Books’ series, ‘Studies in War and Genocide’. Traumatic memories of genocide are also a feature of my research. A book about that topic in postwar Germany is under contract with Cambridge University Press.


ARC Discovery Grant

Selected Publications

Genocide and Settler Society: Frontier Violence and Stolen Aboriginal Children in Australian History (New York: Berghahn Books, 2004). Contributing Editor.

‘Hayden White, Traumatic Nationalism, and the Public Role of History’, History and Theory 44 (October 2005): 311-332

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