European Land and Australian Culture, 1788-2005

People Involved

Professor Richard Waterhouse

Project overview

This project explores the relationship of European Australians to the land in the period since 1788. It will be the first comprehensive study of the policies relating to closer settlement and the experiences of those who took up land under these policies. It will examine how these complex experiences in turn reshaped European attitudes to the land, as well as their conceptions about it uses. An important result will be to re-establish land and the form of European occupation as a central issue in Australian history.

Selected Publications

The Vision Splendid: a Social and Cultural History of Rural Australia (Fremantle: Curtin University Books/Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 2005)

Brief Profiles

Richard Waterhouse is Bicentennial Professor of Australian History and Head of the School of Philosophical Inquiry. He is the author of five books and more than forty articles/chapters on aspects of United States and Australian history. The books include: A New World Gentry; the Making of a Merchant and Planter Class in South Carolina, 1670-1770 (1989, revised edition 2005); From Minstrel Show to Vaudeville: the Australian Popular Stage, 1788-1914 (1990);
(with Martin Painter) The Principal Club: a History of the Australian Jockey Club (1992); Private Pleasures, Public Leisure: a History of Australian Popular Culture Since 1788 (1995); and The Vision Splendid: a Social and Cultural History of Rural Australia (2005)
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