Research Strengths and Projects

Research Strengths

The Department of History has internationally recognized scholars researching and publishing in the areas of Chinese history, Australian history, Medieval, Early Modern and Modern European history and United States history.

Projects Currently Supported by Australian Research Council Grants

  • Banishing potentates: European colonialists and indigenous rulers in the British and French overseas empires (2013-2015)
    (Professor Robert Aldrich)
  • Southern racial conceptions: comparative histories and contemporary legacies (2011-2016)
    (Professor Warwick Anderson)
  • Disease and the modern self: becoming autoimmune (2012-2014)
    (Professor Warwick Anderson (with Ian Mackay))
  • Climate Change and the History of Environmental Determinism (2011-2015)
    (Professor Alison Bashford)
  • Slavery, freedom and colonial development: Robert Bostock and his legacy (2010-2014)
    (Dr Emma Christopher)
  • War and displacement: from the Soviet Union to Australia in the wake of the Second World War (2013-2015)
    (Professor Sheila Fitzpatrick (with Mark Edele))
  • The politics of reading: Citizenship, law, and literacy in England, 1867-1960 (2010-2014)
    (Associate Professor Chris Hilliard)
  • Judging the past in a post-Cold War world (2013-2015)
    Associate Professor Judith Keene and Professor Peter Read (with Elizabeth Rechniewski, Marivic Wyndham and Adrian Vickers)
  • The revolution in Black American life: memory and history in the making of African America (2013-2015)
    (Associate Professor Michael McDonnell (with Clare Corbould and Fitz Brundage))
  • Australia: the search for a foundational history (2011-2015)
    (Associate Professor Mark McKenna)
  • Enterprising women: race, gender and power in the revolutionary Atlantic, 1770-1820 (2011-2014)
    (Professor Cassandra Pybus & Dr. Kit Candlin)
  • Empires of honour: violence and virtue in colonial societies, 1750-1850 (2012-2014)
    (Professor Penny Russell (with Nigel Worden, University of Capetown))
  • Entangled colonialisms: First Nations women of the American-Canadian Borderlands, 1880-1940 (2012-2014)
    (Dr Blanca Tovias de Plaisted)
  • The Prince of Darkness: Wall Street's first black millionaire (2013-2015)
    (Professor Shane White)