Dr Zdenko Zlatar

Reader in History
BA DePaul University (Chicago), MA, PhD University of Illinois at Chicago
Room 837 Brennan Building

+61 2 9351 3365

Research areas

Zdenko Zlatar teaches and carries out research in Early Modern and Modern European History, including Russian and East European history. His specialties include Russian Intellectual and Cultural History, the Balkans, and Continental Reformation in particular. In addition he has taught seminars in European Intellectual and Cultural History between 1880-1980, i.e. during the period of Modernism and Post-Modernism.

Current projects

Zlatar is currently engaged in several research projects. He is well-advanced on a study of Russian Pan-Slavism between 1857 and 1917 which forms a part of a larger project on the history of Pan-Slavism. He is also currently doing research on the quantitative study of Dubrovnik’s patriciate during its Golden Age, i.e. between 1520 and 1620 which includes a triple analysis of power, wealth, and culture. He is beginning a study of Russia’s leading merchant/industrialist/financier families, particularly of Moscow, in the 19th and early 20th centuries, particularly those of the Old Believer background, and their involvement in a quest of identity and participation in Russian culture.

Selected publications


Between the Double Eagle and the Crescent: The Republic of Dubrovnik and the Origins of the Eastern Question (East European Monographs, Columbia University P., New York, 1992)

Our Kingdom Come: The Counter-Reformation, the Republic of Dubrovnik, and the Liberation of the Balkan Slavs (East European Monographs, Columbia University P., New York, 1992)

The Epic Circle: Allegoresis and the Western Epic Tradition from Homer to Tasso (Sydney, 1993; republished Edwin Moellen Press, 1997)

The Slavic Epic: Gundulic's Osman (Peter Lang, New York, 1995)

Njegoé's Montenegro: Epic Poetry, Blood Feud and Warfare in a
Tribal Zone, 1830-1851
(East European Monographs, Columbia University
P., New York, 2005)

The Poetics of Slavdom: The Mythopoeic Foundations of
Yugoslavia, Vol. I: Mazuranic; Vol. II: Njegoé
(Peter Lang, New York, Forthcoming)

Other professional contributions

Zlatar has been one of the leading members of the Commission internationale des études historiques slaves, headquartered in Paris, a world organization of Slavic scholars historians. He was elected its member in 1990, became Membre assesseur on its Executive Committee in 2000, and its Vice-President in 2005. Zlatar is also on the Organizing Board of the International Association for the Social and Economic History of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey, and on the Editorial Board of East European Quarterly, a leading journal in East European history.