Staff Responses to Student Feedback on Units of Study

At the end of each semester, students in every unit of study taught by the Department of History are asked to complete the Unit of Study Evaluation (USE) survey designed and administered by the Institute for Teaching and Learning. Staff draw on the results of those surveys to develop and revise their units of study. As part of that process, they write a brief response to the surveys which is made available here.


  • HSTY1025 The Middle Ages
  • HSTY1031 Renaissance and Reformation (1498-1648)
  • HSTY1044 Twentieth Century Europe
  • HSTY1045 Modern European History 1750-1914
  • HSTY1076 American History from Lincoln to Clinton
  • HSTY1089 Australia: Colonies to Nation
  • HSTY2304 Imperialism, 1815-2000
  • HSTY2601 Religion & Society: Conversion & Culture
  • HSTY2607 Approaches to the Arab Israeli Conflict
  • HSTY2619 Living in Colonial Australia
  • HSTY2627 Living Memory: Popular Uses of the Past
  • HSTY2629 Sex and Scandal
  • HSTY2634 Columbus to Lincoln: America Before 1865
  • HSTY2640 Twentieth Century China
  • HSTY2659 Nationalism
  • HSTY2660 Violence in Italy
  • HSTY2664 Communicating Culture in the Middle Ages
  • HSTY2670 New York, New York
  • HSTY2672 Britain and the World: C.1837-1914
  • HSTY2673 Lived Experience in Modern China
  • HSTY2677 Australia: Politics and Nation
  • HSTY2682 Portraits of Medieval Women
  • HSTY2686 Food, Environment and Culture in Europe
  • HSTY2687 Alliance: Australia-USA Relations
  • HSTY2690 Australia's Underworld: Stories & Method
  • HSTY2691 Writing History
  • HSTY2692 International and Diplomatic History