History major: units of study

The full list of units of study available to the History major is provided below. Please note that this list is for information purposes only and that not all units will be on offer each year. For a list of the units of study on offer in a particular year, please refer to the relevant Handbook.

HSTY1023 Emerging Giant: The Making of America
HSTY1025 The Middle Ages
HSTY1031 Renaissance and Reformation (1498-1648)
HSTY1034 Early Modern Europe 1500 to 1750
HSTY1044 Twentieth-Century Europe
HSTY1045 Modern European History 1750-1914
HSTY1076 American History from Lincoln to Obama
HSTY1089 Australia: Blood on the Wattle
HSTY1090 The Chinese World
HSTY2304 Imperialism 1815-2000
HSTY2601 Religion & Society: Conversion and Culture
HSTY2602 Tablet to iPad: A History of Information
HSTY2603 Cultural Transmissions 1750-1914
HSTY2604 Popular Culture in Australia 1850-1945
HSTY2605 Contemporary Europe
HSTY2606 China and its World in the Nineteenth Century
HSTY2607 Approaches to the Arab Israeli Conflict
HSTY2608 European Film and History
HSTY2609 African-American History and Culture
HSTY2611 America in World Affairs: A History
HSTY2612 High Renaissance
HSTY2613 Russia's Revolutions: 1905 to Present
HSTY2614 Living in Modern Australia
HSTY2615 Australia: Environment, Place & History
HSTY2616 The Human Rights Revolution
HSTY2618 Mediterranean World in High Middle Ages
HSTY2619 Living in Colonial Australia
HSTY2620 War and Cinema
HSTY2621 China's Economy: From Mao to Market
HSTY2622 The Opium Wars in China (1839-1860)
HSTY2623 China's Traumas, 1937-1971
HSTY2624 The Origins of Human Rights
HSTY2625 Culture and Society in Modern Britain
HSTY2626 Fascism and Antifascism
HSTY2627 Living Memory: Popular Uses of the Past
HSTY2628 BOOM! The History of War
HSTY2629 Sex and Scandal
HSTY2631 Sin City? A History of Sydney
HSTY2632 Love & Death in the Middle Ages
HSTY2638 Modern China's Wars, 1895-1953
HSTY2639 Hong Kong: Spinning Gold out of a Rock
HSTY2640 Twentieth Century China
HSTY2642 Beyond the Great Wall: China's Frontiers
HSTY2645 Invisible Cities: Imagining Urban Italy
HSTY2647 Renaissance Italy
HSTY2650 European Conquests 1500-1750
HSTY2651 Spanish Civil War
HSTY2652 Genocide in Historical Perspective
HSTY2653 Reformation and Society
HSTY2655 Race Relations and Australian Frontiers
HSTY2656 A House Divided: The American Civil War
HSTY2657 American Cultural History
HSTY2658 France in Modern Europe and Beyond
HSTY2659 Nationalism
HSTY2660 Violence in Italy
HSTY2661 Sex and the Body in America
HSTY2662 Atlantic World in the Age of Empire
HSTY2663 American Indian Holocaust?
HSTY2664 Communicating Culture in the Middle Ages
HSTY2665 Festivals and Faith
HSTY2666 American Revolutions
HSTY2667 Politics & Cultures of US Imperialism
HSTY2668 The Rise and Fall of the First Reich
HSTY2670 New York, New York
HSTY2671 Law and Order in Modern America
HSTY2672 Britain and the World c.1839-1914
HSTY2673 Lived Experience in Modern China
HSTY2674 Pilgrim to Backpacker: Travel Histories
HSTY2675 China's Premodern History: The Issues
HSTY2676 Australia's World
HSTY2677 Australia: Politics and Nation
HSTY2678 Race Around the World
HSTY2680 Living: Modern British Social History
HSTY2681 Colonialism in Modern Asia
HSTY2682 Portraits of Medieval Women
HSTY2683 Violence in Chinese History
HSTY2684 Darwinism, Nationalism and Eugenics
HSTY2685 Sexuality & Power in East Asian History
HSTY2686 Food Environment and Culture in Europe
HSTY2687 Alliance: Australia-USA relations
HSTY2688 Enlightenment Journeys
HSTY2689 Civility & Squalor: 18th Century British Isles
HSTY2690 Australia's Underworld: Stories & Method
HSTY2691 Writing History
HSTY2692 International and Diplomatic History
HSTY2694 New Orleans: From Mardi Gras to Katrina
HSTY2695 Reconquest? A History of Medieval Spain
HSTY2696 The Empire Strikes Back
HSTY3901 History in the Making
HSTY3902 History Beyond the Classroom
HSTY3903 History and Historians
ANHS2601 Ancient Imperialism
ANHS2602 Law, Disorder and Ideology in Rome
ANHS2603 Ancient Greek Democracies
ANHS2604 Pagans and Christians in the Roman World
ANHS2605 Ancient Greek Religion
ANHS2606 The City of Rome: History and Landscape
ANHS2609 Alexander and the Hellenistic World
ANHS2610 SPQR: The Senate and People of Rome
ANHS2614 The Emperor in the Roman World 14-117 AD
ANHS2615 Comedy in the Ancient World
ANHS2616 Tragedy and Society in Greece and Rome
ANHS2617 Love, Sex and Poetry in Ancient Rome
ANHS2618 The Later Roman Empire (AD286-474)
ANHS2619 The World of Ancient Epic
ANHS2622 Herodotus and His World
ANHS3601 The Mediterranean World and Civil War
ANHS3608 The Peloponnesian War and Culture
ANHS3630 Conquest & Culture in Republican Rome
ANHS3631 Roman Letters and Roman Society
ANHS3632 Livy: Republics past and Present
ANHS3633 Humanimals in the Ancient Greek World
ANHS3634 A History of ancient Greek Theatre
ANHS3635 Historiography Ancient and Modern
ANHS3636 Hannibal, Carthage and Rome
ARIS2673 Islam and Muslims in World History
ARIS2674 Islam and Politics
ARIS2675 Gendering History in the Arab World
ASNS2623 India: Transition and Modernity
ASNS2627 India, China, Tibet: Cultural Relations
ASNS2631 Origins of Japanese Tradition
ASNS2632 Modern Japanese Social History
ASNS2634 Samurai and Merchants: Tokugawa Japan
ASNS2636 The Enigma of Japanese Power
ASNS2641 Traditional Korea
ASNS2642 Modern Korea
ASNS2660 Islam, Trade, Society
ASNS2661 History of Modern Indonesia
ASNS2664 Southeast Asia Transformed
ASNS2672 Japan in East Asia from 1840 until Today
JCTC2603 Jews under the Crescent and the Cross
JCTC2604 From Expulsion to Regeneration
JCTC2605 Emancipation to the Holocaust
JCTC2606 The Holocaust: History and Aftermath
JCTC2607 Israel in the Modern Middle East
JCTC3601 Unravelling the Arab-Israeli Conflict
PHIL2663 Justice
USSC2604 Sex, Race and Rock in the USA