The Asia Pacific Programme in 10 points

The Master of Human Rights and Democratisation (Asia Pacific) brings the study of human rights and democracy to life.

  1. Highest standards of inter-disciplinary scholarship
  2. A uniquely regional lived experience of human rights and democracy
  3. Focus on the most pressing issues in the Asia Pacific region
  4. Exposure to emerging areas of human rights scholarship in the Asia Pacific region
  5. Practitioner-led training and development activities
  6. Opportunities for independent research
  7. Field experience and internships
  8. Unique regional professional networks
  9. Exposure to cutting-edge research
  10. Engagement with leading human rights campaigns

At the end of the programme, students graduate with a firm grounding in the philosophical, political, institutional, legal, sociological and cultural dimension of human rights and democratisation.

Global Campus of Human Rights and Democratisation Programmes

The MHRD is part of a unique network of human rights and democratisation Masters programmes made up of over 100 universities around the world: the Global Campus of Regional Masters Human Rights and Democratisation Programmes.

As the Asia Pacific representative, the MHRD contributes our regional perspective to global research and education initiatives such as the 2014-15 publication: The Impact of Economic Crisisand Foreign Debt on Human Rights. This publication seeks to explore broadly the connections between economic crisis, debt and the impact on human rights while focusing on the issues of greatest relevance for each distinct global region. The MHRD chapter focuses on the impact of the crisis on the development of workers’ rights in Asia. It was written by Dr Matthew Mullen (Mahidol University), Professor Purwo Santoso and JoashTapiheru (Universitas Gadjah Mada) and Dr Elisabeth Valiente-Riedl (University of Sydney).

More information about the Global Campus publications, is available at http://www.eiuc.org/education/global-campus-regional-masters/joint-publications.html