The regional semester is conducted at the four regional partner universities. Students will be asked to nominate preferences for their course of study in addition to two core compulsory units. Students choose either the:

  • Dissertation Pathway: HRTD6909/6911 - Human Rights and Democratisation Dissertation
  • Internship Pathway: HRTD6910/6912 - Human Rights and Democratisation Internship

Dissertation Pathway

The dissertation pathway offers students the opportunity to undertake supervised research in an area of specialisation pertaining to human rights and democratisation. Each student writes a 15,000 to 18,000 word thesis consisting of an original academic piece of work. The research may incorporate field research undertaken in-country while on their regional semester.

Internship Pathway

The internship pathway offers students the opportunity to apply for a six week internship placement in an inter- governmental, governmental or non-governmental organisation specialising in human rights and democratisation. Unit HRDT6910 and HRTD6912 will give students an opportunity to immediately put into practice the knowledge acquired throughout the academic year with an aim to acquiring and improving practical work experience, establishing a dialogue between the students and the host organisation, and fostering access to the job market.