Alumni Stories and Activities

MHRD Alumni presents at American Evaluation Association Conference in Washington DC

Shiva Dhungana, one of the alumni from the MHRD Batch-3 was invited to present at the American Evaluation Association annual conference in Washington DC on monitoring and evaluation of media capacity for peace-building in October.

Shiva who works with a media development organisation Search for Common Ground, in his paper presented the advantages and disadvantages of implementing a participatory- coaching developmental approach to evaluate a local media capacity training for a peacebuilding project in Nepal. This paper reflects the monitoring and evaluation realities that a peacebuilding not-for-profit faces as they try to understand the capacities of local media professionals but also improve general peacebuilding practices.

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Alumni Welcomes 4th Cohort of MHRD

In July 2013, MHRD Alumni Coordinator Niaz Ahmed was in Sydney to attend the induction week of the 4th Cohort of MHRD students. He spent a week with the new students, talking to them about his own experiences of MHRD, social, cultural and academic aspects of the program and much more. Niaz was one of the speakers at the event to welcome the new students of MHRD, Human Rights and Development and Masters in Human Rights.

In his remarks Niaz said MHRD community very closely connected with the world movement of human rights in many ways. “We are practitioners, researchers and academics spread over 30 countries of the world. We are three generations of the MHRD graduates, in the field now, working with a number of national, international, inter-governmental and government organisations, national human rights institutions, parliaments and businesses” he said.