Ateneo de Manila University

The MHRD is excited to welcome a new partner to its program in 2014, Ateneo de Manila University, based in Manila, the Philippines. The MHRD is the first multi-disciplinary human rights postgraduate degree to be offered at Ateneo and will be run the Ateneo Human Rights Centre within the University’s law school.

The Ateneo Law School

The Ateneo Law School’s mission is form men and women who are not only skilled in the science and art of the law, but who are also imbued with a burning passion for justice and the fervent desire to serve others. To accomplish its mission, the Ateneo Law School insists on intellectual rigor in the tradition of Jesuit education, that is a rigor that demands a thorough grasp of the nature and ends of law, the ability to express legal conviction in forceful oral and written communication, and sensitivity to the role of law as an instrument of service towards individuals and of social engineering.

Ateneo Human Rights Center (AHRC)

The Ateneo Human Rights Center (AHRC), which sits within the Ateneo Law School, was established in October 1986. The AHRC’s initial program was the Summer Internship Program that was designed to provide law students with exposure to human rights work and advocacy. Now the AHRC pursues its mandate of protecting and promoting human rights by offering increasingly varied programs and services, such as legal assistance, research and publication, law and policy reform advocacy, training and education, institution building, curriculum development, and values formation.

To pursue its goals, the AHRC works closely with various government, the academe, NGOs, grassroots organizations, and other civil society groups. Through its legal staff the AHRC also actively integrates human rights issues and laws into mainstream legal thought and analysis, for example by introducing human rights courses into the Ateneo Law curriculum such as Human Rights Law, Children’s Rights Law, Gender and the Law, Street Law, Indigenous Peoples Rights Law, a multi-disciplinary course on Corruption, International Humanitarian Law, Refugee Law and International Criminal Law.