Research Strengths

Research strengths in the department of Indian Sub-Continental Studies are:

  • The religious traditions of South Asia
  • Indian religion as manifest in other parts of Asia, particularly Buddhism in Central Asia, East Asia, and South-east Asia
  • Method in the study of Indian and Buddhist thought
  • Early Buddhist literature, particularly of the ‘Mainstream’ schools, preserved in Pali, Gandhari, Prakrit, Buddhist Sanskrit and Chinese
  • Recent discoveries of Buddhist manuscripts from Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • Buddhism in South and South-east Asia, with a special interest in ancient Gandhara
  • Buddhist Sanskrit and the Middle Indo-Aryan languages, particularly Pali and Gandhari

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South Asia Network

Researchers from the Department of Indian Subcontinental Studies are involved with the University of Sydney South Asia Research Network (USSA), which was established to bring together researchers across different faculties working in different disciplines but with a shared interest in the South Asian region: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and the Maldives.