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SANS4001 - Sanskrit IV Honours A

Semester 1, 2014  |  Credit Points: 12


The Honours program in Sanskrit consists of:
1. a thesis written under the supervision of one or more members of academic staff
2. two seminars that meet weekly for two hours for one semester.

The thesis should be of 18000-20000 words in length. Each seminar requires 6000 words of written work or its equivalent.

The thesis is worth 50% of the final Honours mark and each of the seminars is worth 25%.
The thesis and departmental coursework topics must be chosen in consultation with the department. The following seminars are on offer in 2014:

Departmental Methodology (Dr Mark Allon)
Departmental Coursework (Dr Mark Allon)

For more information, contact Dr Mark Allon, Honours coordinator.


A thesis of 18000-20000 words and 6000 words of written work or its equivalent for each seminar.


Two seminars, each seminar meets weekly for 2 hours for one semester


Credit average or above in 48 senior credit points, consisting of the major in Sanskrit plus two additional units of study chosen from the following senior units of study: ASNS2620 Classical Indian Philosophy, ASNS2623 India: Tradition and Modernity, BDST3611 Buddhist Philosophical Traditions, BDST2612 Buddhist Meditation Practices, BDST2616 The Buddha's Words, ASNS2625 Buddhism in Modern Asia, ASNS2626 Religious Traditions of South Asia, ASNS2627 India, China, Tibet: Cultural Relations

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