Documentation performance at Wadeye, 1997

Original event name: Malgarrin and Djanba song documentation 1997
Event description: Elicited performance of malgarrin and djanba songs for the Wadeye Aboriginal Languages Centre, recorded on audio and video by Mark Crocombe and others. The spoken text has been transcribed and translated by the Murriny Patha song project team.
Associated songsets: djanba, malgarrin
Event type: documentation_performance
singer: L. Kolumboort
singer: Matthew Pultchen
singer: E. Cumaiyi
singer: Mary Bunduck
singer: Rita Tharwul
recordist: Mark Crocombe
Date: 1997-04-10 00:00:00 UTC
Place: Wadeye

Still image from video by Mark Crocombe.

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