Timber Creek

Coordinates: (-15.6541, 130.493)
Place of interest: true
Source of data: http://www.ntlis.nt.gov.au/placenames/view.jsp?id=22397

The locality Timber Creek takes its name from the Town of the same name which in turn derived its name from the feature 'stream' named by Augustus Charles Gregory in November 1855 when examining the Victoria River and seeking timber to repair the North Australian Expedition's boat 'Tom Tough'. He was later to explore the Victoria River District. The townsite grew out of the improvements to the Victoria Highway and was proclaimed in June 1975.

Unknown event at Timber Creek, 1966
Wangga and djanba songs at Timber Creek, 1966
contains 6 recordings
Informal performance at Timber Creek, 2002
Djanba corroboree at Timber Creek 23/11/02
contains 17 recordings
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