Elisabeth Kramer

PhD candidate
Supervisor: Associate Professor Michele Ford
Associate Supervisor: Associate Professor Simon Butt

Anti-corruption discourse and the political campaigns of emerging parties: An Indonesian case study in the 2014 national legislative election
My research focus explores the influence of anti-corruption discourse upon the campaign tactics and strategies of political parties competing in Indonesia, with a focus upon the national legislative elections in 2014. For this project I have studied party rhetoric and advertising via official documents, press releases, media coverage, interviews with party members and field work following members of emerging parties while they campaign in their electorates.

This research aims to uncover the role that anti-corruption discourse plays in how parties shape their identity, and in turn frame themselves for public audiences in order to gain votes. Given that corruption–and how to combat corruption–is such a significant issue within Indonesia's political agenda, this research also analyses how parties manipulate the problem of corruption for their own benefit. More broadly, the thesis also examines the importance of anti-corruption discourse within Indonesia’s political sphere in a historical context, looking at patterns of change and continuity in the way it has been framed.

About the student

Elisabeth Kramer holds a BSc/BA(Asian Studies)(Hons) from the University of Sydney and a Masters of International and Community Development from Deakin University. She was a recipient of the Prime Minister’s Australia-Asia Award for 2012 which allowed her to undertake a year of fieldwork in Indonesia hosted by the Catholic University of Atma Jaya, based in Jakarta. Between bouts of academic study and teaching she has worked as a public servant, a development consultant and an ESL teacher.

Selected publications

  • Kramer, E. 2013. ‘When news becomes entertainment: Representations of corruption in Indonesia’s media and the implication of scandal,’ Media Asia, 40(1):60-72.
  • Kramer, E. 2012. ‘Some people call me Robin Hood,’ Inside Indonesia, Jan-Mar2012, Available online.
  • Kramer, E. 2012. ‘Sinetron and soap boxes,’ Inside Indonesia, Apr-June 2012, Available online.

Conference presentations

  • Kramer, E., 2013. The importance of being bersih: Emerging political parties and the use of anti-corruption discourse in the lead up to Indonesia’s 2014 national legislative election. European Association for Southeast Asian Studies Conference, Lisbon 2-5 July.
  • Kramer, E. 2012. Weapon of words: The media as a double edged sword in Indonesia’s war against corruption. Asian Studies Association of Australia 19th Biennial Conference, Sydney 11-13 July.
  • Kramer, E. 2011. Corruption: Immoral, normal? The development of an anti-corruption norm in post-independence Indonesia. Indonesia Council Open Conference, Perth 26-28 September.