Postgraduate Research Projects

Our research students are enrolled in PhD, M.Phil and MA (Research) degrees.

Current Projects

  • Jock Cheetham (MA Res)
    A morality perspective on religious freedom in Indonesia during the SBY presidency (2004-2014)
  • Garnasih Dharmaputra (PhD)
    Language policy, ideology and identity: a study of Indonesian parents and their choice of language in the home
  • Mr Yuna Farhan (PhD)
    Budget making of the Indonesian government in the post-New Order period
  • Linda McLaren (MA Res)
  • Nurchayati Chudori (PhD)
    Life Cycle and Sociocultural Change: A Study of the Impact of Female Transnational Labour Migration on a Javanese Village
  • Jarrah Sastrawan (MA Res)
    Traditional approaches to writing history in Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Yuri Takahashi (PhD)
    Shwe U Daung: A Man Who Introduced Sherlock Holmes to Myanmar - To be a modern Burmese living in a nation-state

Recently Completed Projects

  • Barbara Bicego (PhD)
    Australian women in Bali: A phenomenological study of their experiences from the late 1960s to the early twenty-first century
  • Sahul Mohamed Maiddin (PhD)
    Propaganda and Indoctrination in Indonesian Politics, 1959-1965
  • Ivana Pražić (PhD)
    From subversion to legitimacy: politics of Chinese Indonesian piety in postsecular times
  • Siobhan Campbell (PhD)
    Collecting Balinese Art: The Forge Collection of Balinese Paintings at the Australian Museum in Sydney
  • Thienny Lee (PhD)
    Dress and Visual Identity of the Straits Chinese Nyonyas, mid 19th to mid 20th Century
  • Luciana Campello (MA Research)
    Human trafficking
  • Thushara Dibley (PhD)
    NGO engagement in peace-building in East Timor and Aceh
  • Wayne Palmer (PhD)
    Temporary labour migration and state illegality
  • Delmus Salim (PhD)
    Transnational Islam and state structures in West Sumatra
  • Martin Sirait (PhD)
    Political economy of employment relations in Indonesia’s retail sector