Current projects

Our research students are enrolled in PhD, M.Phil and MA (Research) degrees. Details of their projects coming soon.

Student Project
Barbara Bicego (PhD) Australian women in Bali: A phenomenological study of their experiences from the late 1960s to the early twenty-first century
Jock Cheetham (MA Res)  A morality perspective on religious freedom in Indonesia during the SBY presidency (2004-2014)
Garnasih Dharmaputra (PhD) Language policy, ideology and identity: a study of Indonesian parents and their choice of language in the home
Mr Yuna Farhan (PhD) Budget making of the Indonesian government in the post-New Order period
Thienny Lee (PhD) Dress and Visual Identity of the Straits Chinese Nyonyas, mid 19th to mid 20th Century
Linda McLaren (MA Res)  
Sahul Mohamed Maiddin (PhD) Propaganda and Indoctrination in Indonesian Politics, 1959-1965
Chudori Nurchayati (PhD) Life Cycle and Sociocultural Change: A Study of the Impact of Female Transnational Labour Migration on a Javanese Village
Ivana Pražić (PhD) From subversion to legitimacy: politics of Chinese Indonesian piety in postsecular times
Jarrah Sastrawan (MA Res) Traditional approaches to writing history in Indonesia and Malaysia
Yuri Takahashi (PhD)  Shwe U Daung: A Man Who Introduced Sherlock Holmes to Myanmar - To be a modern Burmese living in a nation-state

Some recent projects

Student Project
Siobhan Campbell (PhD) Collecting Balinese Art: The Forge Collection of Balinese Paintings at the Australian Museum in Sydney
Luciana Campello (MA Research) Human trafficking
Thushara Dibley (PhD) NGO engagement in peace-building in East Timor and Aceh
Elisabeth Kramer (PhD) Anti-corruption discourse and the political campaigns of emerging parties: An Indonesian case study in the 2014 national legislative election
Wayne Palmer (PhD) Temporary labour migration and state illegality
Delmus Salim (PhD) Transnational Islam and state structures in West Sumatra
Martin Sirait (PhD) Political economy of employment relations in Indonesia’s retail sector