Visiting Fellowships in Indonesian Studies

The Department of Indonesian Studies at the University of Sydney welcomes visiting fellows. There are two schemes through which intending visiting fellows working on Indonesia-related projects can apply.

University of Sydney International Visiting Research Fellowships

University of Sydney International Visiting Research Fellowships are offered to overseas researchers of high standing at any stage in their career to share and disseminate new and original ideas and/or techniques, initiate and undertake collaborative research and facilitate interaction and training of University staff and students. These are best suited to intending visiting fellows who have research interests closely aligned to researchers within the Department of Indonesian Studies, although we may be able to put researchers with an interest in Indonesia in contact with people in other parts of the university who may be suitable host collaborators. Successful applicants are expected to be based full-time at the University for the duration of the fellowship (2-12 weeks). Fellowships are worth up to $20,500.00, and there are usually two rounds per annum closing in May and December for travel in the following 12 months. Applicants must contact the Chair of Indonesian Studies well before the closing date. For further details see: Research Office website.

Indonesian Studies Visiting Fellowships

Indonesian Studies Visiting Fellowships are suitable for Indonesianists at any stage of their career working on any Indonesia-related topic. This scheme is open to doctoral students in the final stages of their PhD as well as early career and established researchers who wish to network with researchers throughout the university and use the university’s library facilities. Indonesian Studies Visiting Fellowships generally last for a period of up to one month, although longer periods may be negotiable. Visiting Fellows are expected to interact with senior Indonesian Studies undergraduate and postgraduate students, present a paper in the Indonesian Seminar Series and acknowledge the Department of Indonesian Studies in all relevant publications. They may be eligible for a small amount of support towards travel costs, but must have independent personal or institutional funding. For further details, contact the Chair of Indonesian Studies.