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Below are listed prizes and scholarships specific to this Department.

Asian Students’ Council’s 1963 Festival of Asia Prize for Indonesian Studies

Founded in 1964 by a gift of £650 from the Asian Students' Council of New South Wales to establish two prizes in Asian Studies. This prize is awarded annually to the students most distinguished in level 2 or level 3 Indonesian. Value $150 and $200.

C. C. L. Richards Memorial Prize

Established in 1959 by a bequest from C.C.L. Richards who left half his estate to the University with the request that it be used for a yearly scholarship or prize. The prize is currently awarded annually to the student who produces the best Indonesian Studies Honours thesis.

F H Van Naerssen Memorial Prize for Indonesian Studies

Founded in 1976 by a gift of $2000 from various donors as a memorial to Fritz Herman van Naerssen, Foundation Professor of Indonesian and Malayan Studies. This prize is awarded annually in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, normally for the purposes of travel, either to the most proficient student in third year advanced of Indonesian Studies, if their academic work is of sufficient merit, or as a grant-in-aid to a postgraduate student on the recommendation of the chair of the Indonesian Studies department. Value $500.

Ronald J. Worsley Memorial Prize for Indonesian Studies

Established in 1964 by a gift of £103 from Mrs U. Worsley, to endow a prize in memory of her husband, to be known as the Ronald J. Worsley Memorial Prize. Awarded annually to the most proficient student who completes the final year IV Honours course in Indonesian Studies if the work is of sufficient merit. Value $150.

Other Scholarships Available

If you are studying Indonesian you may be eligible for scholarships offered by the Darmasiswa or Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program. See their websites for more details.

For more information about these prizes and scholarships, please contact the Chair of Indonesian Studies.