Honorary Associates

Visiting Fellows

Visiting Fellow for 2015

  • Dr Roby Arya Brata, Policy Analyst, Cabinet Secretariat, Cabinet of the Republic of Indonesia

Visiting Fellow for 2012

  • Sophie Lemière, CER-Sciences-Po, Paris/IRASEC/ARI-NUS

Visiting Fellows for 2010

  • Professor Bustanuddin Agus, Andalas University, Padang, West Sumatra
  • Professor Feliks Tans, Cendana University, Kupang, West Timor

Visiting Fellow for 2009

  • Professor Yunita Winarto, Professor in Anthropology at the University of Indonesia and Indonesian Academy Professor in the Social Sciences and Humanities at Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia (Social Activism in the Agrarian sector)

Visiting Fellow for 2008

  • Meredith Weiss, East-West Centre Washington DC, USA (Political Science, Students as Transnational Activists)

Visiting Fellows for 2007

  • Nicholas Long, Cambridge University, The United Kingdom (Anthropology, Tanjung Pinang)
  • Surya Tjandra, Atma Jaya University Jakarta, Indonesia (Sociolegal Studies, Indonesian Labour Law and Labour Politics)