Kathleen O'Brien

PhD (Sydney) BA (Hons I) (Sydney)

Having been a frequent visitor to Java over the years, Kate has had a long and enduring interest in its ancient art and architecture. That interest was extended into tertiary studies relatively late in her career, earning a doctorate in 1995 through research into tantric Buddhist influences on Javanese kingship during the 13th and 14th centuries as evidenced in temple art, architecture and kakawin literature of the period. She was awarded an ARC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in 1996. She has authored a number of journal articles on related topics and has occasionally lectured at the NSW Art Gallery as part of their on-going "Arts of Asia" series.

Research Areas

Now retired, her interest has extended into the wider Buddhist world of the same period, particularly Tibet and Yuan China.

Current Projects

  • To publish previous work on Candi Jago.
  • Compiling a short series of lectures for U3A.


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