Department of International Comparative Literature and Translation Studies

In a globalised, diverse and highly mobile world, crosscultural and interdisciplinary education and knowledge are essential requirements if you wish to participate actively in the life of the future global community. ICLS is a vibrant and innovative interdisciplinary program taught by lecturers from eleven different departments within the School of Languages and Cultures and the Department of English in the School of Letters, Art and Media. Equipping you with cross-literary, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary knowledge, our rich and diverse program is personally rewarding and helps you prepare for a range of possible career paths. The ways that our societies and cultures are interlinked will genuinely surprise you!

Latest News

  • Film Festival Events: Applications and Research

    The interdisciplinary Film Festival Events conference and roundtable discussion took place on June 13, 2018 as an all-day event, bringing together film studies researchers, film event practitioners, and LOTE teachers from NSW and Victoria. The event ran in association with the Department of Germanic Studies, French and Francophone Studies, and International Comparative Literature and Translation Studies.