International and Comparative Literary Studies (ICLS) program overview

The International Comparative Literary Studies Program offers a major that can be included in many degrees offered at the University of Sydney. Depending on your year of enrolment the requirements for completing the major may be different. Select from the options below to see the requirements relevant to you.

I started my degree before 2014

Students who wish to major in ICLS must complete 36 senior credit points normally consisting of either 36 senior credit points from ICLS units of study (that is 6 units over 2 years), or at least 24 senior credit points from ICLS units of study (that isi.e. at least 4 units over 2 years) plus 12 senior credit points from approved cross-listed units of study (consult faculty list for cross-listable units of study available each year).

There are no foreign language requirements for undergraduate study as all units of study are conducted in English and use texts in English translation. Study of a language other than English is, however, encouraged in conjunction with ICLS units of study, and reading knowledge of at least one language other than English is required for Honours and Postgraduate study.

I started my degree in or after 2014

A major in International and Comparative Literary Studies requires at least 36 senior credit points, including at least 24 senior credit points from core units of study of which must include the compulsory unit ICSL3630 - Literature and Society.

The units of study for the major can be found in the Table A unit of study table for International and Comparative Literary Studies. The table shows units of study on offer in the current handbook year. You may find information regarding a full list of units of study available to the major on the departmental website.

For more in-depth information on the International Comparative Literary Studies subject area, including tables and descriptions of the units of study available in this area, for current year enrolments go to

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Undergraduate Handbook - ICLS

For previous year enrolments: Handbook archive.

Unit of Study prerequisites are also reviewed from time to time. The prerequisites listed for units in your year of enrolment are valid for the duration of your candidature.

International exchange

The University’s International Exchange Program enables you to undertake approved overseas study, with the credit achieved counting towards your degree at the University of Sydney. Comprehensive information is available at the Student Exchange Office Website.

You can study at one of the many partner universities across the world with which the University has signed a formal exchange agreement.

Academic policies and procedures

The Department follows the policies and procedures set out by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences – for information, follow these links to the requisite Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences pages:

Policies webpage for information on:
- Plagiarism - Satisfactory progress - Late Work - Attendance

Student Administration Manual contains procedures, and the necessary forms, for amongst others:
- Applying for credit
- Applying for a DNF after the semester deadline
- Applying for Honours
- Applying for a suspension for one or two semesters
- Appealing against a result

Special Consideration webpage for information on:
- Special Consideration - for serious illness or misadventure
- Special Arrangements - for essential community commitments
- Extensions on assessments - for minor illness or misadventure