Units of Study

ICLS2636 - Great Books 2: Innovations, Inspirations

Semester 1, 2012  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Andrea Bandhauer


What works most mark the stylistic development of world literature? What was their innovative and inspirational potential? Did they represent the pinnacle of their tradition or did they break with it? How have they inspired other writers and artists, then and now? This unit will look at some of those literary works that have come to symbolise literary innovation and inspiration and ask how they came to be part of our modern canon and serve as a model for others.


1x class presentation (equivalent to 1000wds) (10%), 1x2500wd essay (45%), 1x2500wd take home exam (45%)


1x1-hr lecture/week, 1x1-hr tutorial/week


18 Junior credit points from any department in the Faculty of Arts from Table A of which 12 credit points are from one subject

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Curriculum Overview

Undergraduate Units of Study in ICLS are offered on a rotating basis. One unit from each of the four thematic groups listed below is offered every year.

1. Great Books
ICLS 2624: Great Books 1: The Human Condition
ICLS 2636: Great Books 2: Innovations, Inspirations
ICLS 2622: Great Books 3: The Twentieth Century
These Units of Study introduce students to works of literature that have become canonical either through their particular treatment of the human condition, or because they are innovative or inspirational in some way. The twentieth century is treated separately as a particularly rich period in the world history of literary innovation.

2. Literature and Society
ICLS 2621: Love in Different Languages
ICLS 2633: Cities of the World
ICLS 2634: Literature and Revolution
These Units of Study look at how questions of society, history, culture and politics have been framed within literature from different traditions at different periods of time. It looks at the mainstream and the marginal, the visionary and mythical and the terre à terre, stories of hope and stories of loss.

3. Literary Genres, Movements and Styles
ICLS 2626: Words and Pictures Across Cultures
ICLS 2631: Popular Fiction and Culture
ICLS 2635: Science Fiction: The Future is Now
ICLS 2637: Watching Stars: Films and the Star System

4. Theorising Literature Across Cultures
These units, while open to all Senior students enrolled in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, are designated "Special Entry" for intending Honours students, who must complete at least one of them for admission into fourth year.
ICLS 3630: Comparative Sociology of Literature
ICLS 3631: Defining 'Literature' Crossculturally

These Units of Study explore particular aspects of literary production from an international and comparative perspective: techniques, genres and schools of thought. Some focus on a particular period in literary history or a particular movement while others traverse time and encompass a range of literary debates.