City of Syndney

Internships at government and private organisations as a vital part of their graduate recruitment and professional development strategies.

We continuously collaborate with these organisations to create and develop innovative internship programs providing our students ernships are viewed by government, non-with access to unique real-world opportunities.

Courses taught at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences equip our graduate and under graduate students with skills and abilities directly applicable to any situation with high-level critical thinking, research, analysis, oral, written communication, presentation and problem solving skills. Employers in all industries find these attributes highly desirable when recruiting graduates.

As an intern you will be able to fit in and develop familiarity with organisation’s culture while applying academic learning in real life situations. During your internship you will gain exposure to workplace communication, business processes and networking as well as developing interpersonal skills. In addition, you will gain a competitive advantage in the graduate employment market by developing connections in your chosen profession.


A student is not covered by the University's insurance for student-initiated placements with external organisations. The University's insurance will only covers students who are required to undertake external placements (e.g. internships) as part of their enrolled studies.