Artwork by Dr Lynette Riley - "Lizard"

Artwork by Dr Lynette Riley, Senior Lecturer Indigenous Studies -"Lizard" - copyright

Core Academic Staff

Coordinator of Indigenous Studies Program

Indigenous literary and cultural studies; Australian literature; contemporary poetry and poetics; ecocriticism and transcultural ecopoetics; creative writing

Contemporary Aboriginal art and issues in indigenous art

Indigenous languages education, language revival, Indigenous teacher education

Indigenous Australian languages, learning and teaching Indigenous Australian languages, language revitalisation, Indigenous teacher education, Indigenous Australian learners

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rights, education, health and wellbeing

Indigenous education, Indigenous knowledges, narrative inquiry, transformative pedagogies, community development, Aboriginal health

Aboriginal Studies and Education; Culture and Politics of schooling; Historical trans-Indigenous school experience; Coloniality/Decoloniality in education and public culture; Indigenous knowledges; African Studies; Subjectivities, institutions and the politics of belonging