Department of Italian Studies

Around 200 million people speak Italian. As well as in Italy, it is widely spoken in countries such as the USA, Canada, Germany and Australia, where Italian post-war immigration has helped shape our society. Studying this beautiful language allows you to enjoy one of the world’s most complex (and often controversial) cultures, which has produced artists ranging from Dante to Verdi, and icons such as the Vespa and the espresso.

Our graduates have forged careers, in Australia and abroad, in fields as varied as diplomacy, education, tourism, design, architecture, music, fashion, arts, and last but not least, food.

Study Italian at the University of Sydney and you will embark on a journey of linguistic, literary and cultural learning. Our language units allow students of all levels to develop strong linguistic skills and our culture units give an in-depth understanding of contemporary Italy. You can do an overseas exchange as part of your Italian studies by attending a semester in one of our partner universities in Italy, and can take part in the many activities of our Italian Student Association.

The Department is generously supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a number of other benefactors.

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