Italian (Hi)stories | Giovanni Pascoli’s "Odi e Inni": the forgotten poetry collection

21 August, 2014

Francesca Ori
PhD candidate, University of Sydney

Regarded by his contemporaries as the poet’s weakest work, obscure and pretentious, labelled by influential critic Benedetto Croce a “poetry mess”, Odi e Inni by Giovanni Pascoli has been neglected by scholars for over a century. As a result of this early criticism, the ill-fated poetry collection has yet to see the production of a critical edition. The current published version of the work is not based on the most authoritative edition (the one considered by its author as his best work), but instead on a posthumous edition heavily revised by Pascoli’s sister Maria and by critic A. Vicinelli.

There is therefore an evident need for a comprehensive study to establish the copy-text of Odi e Inni and to analyse the book in its socio-political context. Only after the most authentic edition (approved and supervised by Pascoli) is selected and its history re-constructed, will it be possible to evaluate the collection as a whole and to explain the reasons behind its negative reception. In this seminar I will present my last three years of research, undertaken in order to return this work of considerable sophistication, undeservedly forgotten, to the limelight.

Francesca Ori graduated from the University of Bologna in 2003 and was recently awarded her PhD in Italian Studies at the University of Sydney. She has published Il ritorno di Colombo. Contributo all’edizione critica di Odi e Inni di Pascoli (2013, Ellisse: giornale storico della letteratura italiana) and Dalle proteste studentesche russe a Resurrezione. Traiettorie dell’inno Alle Kursistki con una proposta di edizione critica (2014, Rivista Pascoliana). She is currently working on a manuscript titled Last poetical voyage: analysing Pascoli’s late attempt of blending poetry with the media.



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