Alice Loda

USydIS holder and PhD candidate

Alice Loda, from Savona, holds a BA in Philology and History and an MA in Modern Philology from the University of Pavia. She spent one year at the University of Paris X-Nanterre as an exchange student, and went back to Paris to complete her Master's thesis.

In Italy she taught history and literature in secondary school as well as Italian as a second language in a teaching centre for migrants. She is collaborating with an Italian cultural association, where she is responsible for organising literary events and publishing. Her interests include contemporary poetry, translation studies, migration studies and digital publishing.

Alice is currently a PhD candidate under the supervision of Dr Francesco Borghesi and the associate supervision of Dr Maria Cristina Mauceri. Her PhD thesis focuses on the work of migrant Middle-Eastern poets in Italy.

Book chapters
  • Pier Paolo Pasolini in H. Grosser (ed.) Il canone letterario. La letteratura italiana nella tradizione europea, Vol. VI, Il Novecento, Principato, Milano 2009, pp. 748-775.
  • Da Frénaud a Caproni. Implicazioni metrico-stilistiche nella traduzione italiana di «Il n'y a pas de paradis», in «Bollettino d'italianistica», n. 1, 2011, pp. 123-136.
  • Prefazione (Foreword) of G. Balbis, La notte sola sotto il cielo infranto. Agli amici perduti, Beltempo Edizioni, Bardineto 2011, pp. V-X.