Alice Loda

FASS Teaching Fellow 2017 and PhD candidate

Alice Loda holds a BA in Philology and History and an MA in Modern Philology from the University of Pavia. She spent one year at the University of Paris X-Nanterre as an exchange student, and went back to Paris to complete her Master’s thesis.

She has worked as a University tutor in the fields of Italian language and literature, and she has extensively collaborated with Italian cultural associations and research journals. Her studies mainly investigate the evolution of metre and style in modern and contemporary poetry in Italian, exophonic writing and migration literature. Here research interests also include translation studies and digital humanities.

Alice is currently a FASS Teaching Fellow and PhD candidate at the Department of Italian Studies under the supervision of Dr Francesco Borghesi and the associate supervision of Dr Maria Cristina Mauceri. Her PhD thesis focuses on exophonic poetics in contemporary Italy and their engagement with representations of space and movement.


Journal Articles

  • Loda, A. (2015). Dolce era la notte. Iraqi and Iranian poets in Italy: metrical-stylistic implications of translingual versification, Italian Culture, 33:2, 105-125.
  • Calabrese, S., Coiro, A. e Loda A. (2014). Ipotesi per una letteratura mondo: contatti, circolazioni, intersezioni. Ticontre, 2, 2014, 3-7.
  • Loda, A. (2011) Da Frénaud a Caproni. Implicazioni metrico-stilistiche nella traduzione italiana di Il n’y a pas de paradis, Bollettino d’italianistica, 1, 123-136.
Edited Articles
  • Calabrese, S., Coiro, A. e Loda A. (2014). Letteratura-mondo e dintorni, Monographic Section of Ticontre. Teoria, Testo, Traduzione. (NUMBER 2, SEPTEMBER 2014).
Book Chapters
  • Loda, A. (2015). The invisible guest: Fabio Pusterla e Philip Jaccottet. A rhythmical reading of Rossignol, in Benocci F. and Sonzogni M. (eds), Translation, Transnationalism, World literature, Joker, Novi Ligure, 205-230.
  • Loda, A. (2014). Cronache da un mondo segreto. Il Giannino Balbis di ‘Nell’ombra del vero infinita’, in Balbis, G., Nell’ombra del vero infinita, Rome: Aracne 2013, pp. 91-97.
  • Loda, A. (2011). Prefazione (Foreword to) G. Balbis, La notte sola sotto il cielo infranto. Agli amici perduti, Beltempo Edizioni, Finale Ligure 2011, pp. V-X.
Conference Activity
  • Loda, A. (2014) «In un ripido bosco di abeti»: geografie domestiche in prugni di Barbara Pumhösel, AIPI, XXI Congresso, The University of Bari, 27-30 Agosto 2014.
  • Loda, A. (2013) Dissolving boundaries: versification and space in Barbara Pumhösel’ s prugni. Re-imagining Italian Studies, ACIS, Flinders University, 4-6 Dec 2013.
  • Loda, A. (2013) Traveling form, genre, image: Iraqi and Iranian poets in Italy. Crossroads: Europe, Migration and Culture, The University of Copenhagen, 24-25 Oct 2013.