Francesco Possemato

PhD candiate; IPRS (APA) Holder.

Oral corrective feedback and Italian descent learners' uptake in classroom of Italian L2: Towards effective repair strategies.
After graduating in Italian Studies at University of Pisa in 2007, Francesco Possemato obtained his MA degree in Linguistics and Teaching Italian as a Second Language at the University for Foreigners in Siena in 2010.

Francesco has worked at the Ditals Research Centre of the University for Foreigners in Siena, and as Italian Language Assistant for the Italian association Co.As.It. in Melbourne (2010). In Italy he has taught Italian language and culture to both migrants and professionals in courses run by public and private organisations. He has also co-authored language teaching materials for the Masters course in Italian Language and Literature Teaching Methodology, offered by the Italian University consortium ICoN.

Francesco’s research interests include Applied Linguistics, Italian Linguistics and Sociolinguistics, First Language Attrition and Second Language Acquisition. He is currently a PhD student under the supervision of Dr Antonia Rubino. His thesis focuses on Italian language teacher oral feedback and its impact on language acquisition by learners of Italian descents.

Book Chapters

  • Francesco Possemato, "2.6. Come prepararsi alla sezione D dell'esame DITALS di II livello? Osservazione in classi di italiano L2 in Québec", Pierangela Diadori (Ed.) La Ditals Risponde 8, Guerra Edizioni, Perugia, 2012, pp. 199­-209.

Conference proceedings

  • Mirko Tavosanis, Francesco Possemato, “Linguistic control of self-­presentation data in a corpus of forum posts by learners of Italian as L2”, in Piet Kommer, Nik Bessis e Pedro Isaías (Eds.) Proceedings of the IADIS International Conferences Web Based Communities and Social Media 2011, Collaborative Technologies 2011, Internet Applications and Research 2011, IADIS, 2011, pp. 94­-100.

Conference presentations

  • Mirko Tavosanis, Francesco Possemato, Web forum messages of students of Italian as L2: linguistic classification issues, “Languages in Contact in Italian Culture” Conference, University of Toronto, 1-2 May 2008.