Postgraduate Research Program

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences offers the following postgraduate degrees by research:

  • Master of Arts (Research)
  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Direct admission is possible at any level, provided that the applicable entry requirements are met.

If you are interested in undertaking a research degree in the area of Italian Studies and would like to discuss the opportunities that might be available to you, please contact the Chair of Department prior to application.

For information on matters that are not covered here, such as fees and English-language requirements, please see the website of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and/or the International Student Office. The following links should be helpful:

Research Strengths

An overview of research, training and current projects can be found in the Research section.

 Research strengths of the Department of Italian Studies
  • Italian language and linguistics
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Language teaching methodology
  • Bilingualism and bilingual education
  • Translation studies
  • New technologies in language education
  • Philology (medieval, Renaissance, modern), textual editing and palaeography
  • Medieval and Renaissance studies
  • Fifteenth and sixteenth-century literary culture and social history
  • Renaissance philosophy
  • Dante studies
  • Italian philosophy
  • Intellectual history
  • Futurism
  • Literary history and theory
  • Nineteenth and twentieth-century literary culture
  • Women's fiction
  • Comparative literature
  • Language of migration
  • Literature of migration
  • Cultural and visual studies
  • Film studies
  • Italian theatre

The department has strong interdisciplinary and cross-cultural interests, and joint supervision with other disciplines is available. Collaborating departments currently include:

Other research areas can be discussed by prospective postgraduate candidates with the Postgraduate Coordinator. Research proposals may be inter- or cross-disciplinary within the broad field of Italian Studies. Supervision is arranged according to the individual research proposal. Inter-departmental joint supervision, for example, may be arranged.

Student Resources

PhD students in the department of Italian Studies are guaranteed computer access, with email facilities, as well as one of the best research libraries in Italian Studies in Australia, with interlibrary-loans provided free of charge. There are also, from time to time, opportunities for part-time teaching in the department of Italian Studies to supplement the income of those Research postgraduate students who are holders of Australian Postgraduate Awards (APAs). APA award holders in addition have access to supplementary University funding, including conference travel grants and annual support allowances.