Will Visconti


Will Visconti completed a joint Honours project in 2008, bridging the departments of French and Italian Studies, which focused on the education of Morgan Le Fay in Arthurian romances, and that of the enchantresses in Ludovico Ariosto's epic Orlando Furioso. His thesis explored the links between the education of women and of the Witch in medieval and Renaissance literature.

His PhD, another joint project between French and Italian Studies, is an examination of the performance of decadentism as a lifestyle in late nineteenth and early twentieth-century France and Italy. He is looking at two figures in particular: the cancan dancer La Goulue, and the Italian muse and socialite Marchesa Luisa Casati. He also examines their roles as the embodiment of decadentism of their time, and their legacy today.

Will enjoys creative writing (both prose and poetry), and has been published in several anthologies both at the University of Sydney and other publications, including Hermes, Threads (edited by the University of Sydney Masters of Publishing students) and the Co.As.It short story anthologies.