Italian Studies Program Overview

The Italian Studies Program offers a major that can be included in many degrees offered at the University of Sydney. For in-depth information on the Italian Studies subject area, a description of the major and its requirements, and a table and descriptions of the units of study available in this area, go to the

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Undergraduate Handbook - Italian Studies

For previous year enrolments: Handbook archive.

Unit of Study prerequisites are also reviewed from time to time. The prerequisites listed for units in your year of enrolment are valid for the duration of your candidature.

International exchange

The department encourages students to spend a period of exchange at an overseas university. The University’s International Exchange Program enables you to undertake approved overseas study, with the credit achieved counting towards your degree at the University of Sydney. Comprehensive information is available at the Student Exchange Office Website.

You can study at one of the many partner universities across the world with which the University has signed a formal exchange agreement. Exchange institutions particularly relevant to students studying Italian are:

For more information on opportunities contact the department's Student Exchange Coordinator.

 CEFR equivalencies for Italian Language Units 
Italian Language Units CEFR
ITLN1611 - Italian 1 A1
ITLN1612 - Italian 2 A1/A2
ITLN2611 - Italian 3 A2/B1
ITLN2612 - Italian 4 B1
ITLN2631 - Italian 5 B1/B2
ITLN2632 - Italian 6 B2
ITLN3611 - Italian 7 B1/B2
ITLN3612 - Italian 8 B2
ITLN3631 - Italian 9 B2/C1

Academic policies and procedures

The Department follows the policies and procedures set out by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences – for information, follow these links:

Special Consideration webpage for information on:
- Special Consideration - for serious illness or misadventure
- Special Arrangements - for essential community commitments
- Extensions on assessments - for minor illness or misadventure