Current and recent theses


  • Georgina Chrisp, “Il ritorno alla libertà: An analysis of Franco Basaglia’s motivation to reform psychiatric practice in 1960s Italy”. Supervisor: Giorgia Alù


  • John Conley, "Gli atteggiamenti degli anglo-australiani verso gli italiani in Australia tra la seconda guerra mondiale e gli anni cinquanta”. Supervisor: Antonia Rubino


  • Emma Barlow, 'Dante, Durkheim, Dio. A study of the treatment of suicide in Dante's Commedia'. Supervisor: Francesco Borghesi.
  • Yuan Liu, "Portraying the Image of a Medieval Saint: A Study of the Images of Francesco d’Assisi in Art and Literature. Supervisor: Francesco Borghesi
  • Marko Niketic, 'Pico della Mirandola and the Search for Truth'. Supervisor: Francesco Borghesi.
  • James Scutts, 'Don't worry, "sono proprio qui dietro di voi": Codeswitching as a resource in the L2 classroom'. Supervisor: Antonia Rubino.


  • Harry Cameron, '"Raddoppiamento sintattico" revisited: An Exemplar Theory exploration'. Joint Honours with the Department of Linguistics. Supervisor: Antonia Rubino.
  • Ligia Falsario, 'Marcel Proust and Italian women writers'. Supervisor: Giorgia Alù.
  • Lucy Stone: 'The Case Record of Thomas Mann's Zauberberg as an Inferno'. Joint Honours with German Studies. Supervisor: Francesco Borghesi.


  • Adrian Buncuga, ‘A typological study of the subjunctive in Italian’. Joint Honours with the Department of Linguistics. Supervisor: Antonia Rubino.
  • Daniel Canaris, 'Filologia e filosofia. The significance of Vico's union of filosofia and filologia to Manzoni's historiographical and aesthetic theory'. Supervisor: Francesco Borghesi.
  • Anna-Lisa Doumani, 'Hunter or Hero? A study of the characterisation of a Medici Prince in Poliziano's Stanze'. Supervisor: Francesco Borghesi.
  • Matthew Forwood, 'Poetry and the rise of the Renaissance Artist'. Joint Honours with the Department of History. Supervisor: Francesco Borghesi.
  • Will Introna, ‘Philosophy of the Sublime in the poetry of Giacomo Leopardi’. Supervisor: Giorgia Alù.
  • Lara Johnson, ‘Le memorie di Carla Capponi e Rosario Bentivegna. La lotta per la Resistenza’. Supervisor: Maria Cristina Mauceri.
  • Travis McKenna, 'Machiavelli and Petrarch. Morality, politics and virtue'. Supervisor: Francesco Borghesi.
    Taylor C. Miller, ‘Australian and Italian Surfing. A Comparative Study’. Supervisor: Maria Cristina Mauceri.


  • Cara Ghassemian, 'The melancholy of the Operette Morali by Giacomo Leopardi'. Supervisor: Francesco Borghesi.


  • Paul Croci, ‘The Translation of Zeno. Comparing the two English translations of La coscienza di Zeno by Italo Svevo’. Supervisor: Giorgia Alù.
  • Catherine Davis, ‘Women in Contemporary Italy: Explorations of Female Time, Space and the Body’. Supervisor: Paolo Bartoloni
  • Jacinta Mulders, ‘Fellini’s understanding of reality and the cinema in 8 ½’. Supervisor: Giorgia Alù.


  • Romina Accurso, ‘On Buffy and Dante.'
  • Maria Capobianco, ‘Harry Potter and the Italian Translations: Transfiguring “treacle tart”, “school houses” and “robes.”’
  • Vincenzina Criniti, ‘Multilingualism in Online Exchanges: a Study of the In Italiano Chatroom.'
  • Danielle Gehrmann, ‘Language dynamics in multilingual Switzerland: The position of Italian.'
  • Kerry Hardman, ‘Goldoni, ‘Le Bourru bienfaisant and its Italian and English translations.'
  • Katherine Jacka, ‘Roger II and Kitab Rujar: A World geography created in twelfth-century Sicily.' Joint Honours with the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies.
  • Robert Kelly, ‘Philosophy of Time or Philosopher’s Stone? Antonio Negri’s Alchemy: Revolutionary Time and Pure Democracy.'
  • Justine Marshall, ‘In the Service of Love: Feminism and Morality in Goldoni’s La serva amorosa.'
  • Pip Muratore, ‘Is it Wise? The Education of the Witch in Arthurian Narrative and Italian Epic.' Joint Honours with the Department of of French Studies.