Units of Study

ITLN4013 - Italian Honours C

Semester 2, 2014  |  Credit Points: 12

Coordinator: Giorgia Alu


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In addition to the core language studies units, the undergraduate program includes other units of study that deal with cultural and literary themes. The following is a list of units that are offered on rotation in different years.

  • ITLN3668 Issues of Language and Society in Italy
    Classes: 1x2-hr seminar/week
    Prerequisites: One of ITLN1612, ITLN1632, ITLN1202, ITLN1302, ITLN2611, ITLN2631
    Assessment:1xtutorial presentation (equivalent to 1500wds) (20%), 1xtutorial test (equivalent to 1500wds) (30%), 1xfinal essay (equivalent to 3000wds) (40%), tutorial participation (10%)
    This unit will introduce students to current debates on language and language usage in contemporary Italy, and in particular on the changing nature of the country's multilingualism under the influence of various factors. The language impact of immigration, the decline of historical minorities, the position of dialects and Italy's role in the European Union are some of the topics that will be explored.
  • ITLN3678 Italian Short Stories: Texts & Contexts formerly Contemporary Italian Fiction
    Classes: 1x1-hr lecture/week, 1x1-hr tutorial/week, 1x1-hr online discussion/week
    Prerequisites: ITLN1612, ITLN1632, ITLN1202, ITLN1302, ITLN2611, ITLN2631
    Prohibitions: ITLN3713
    Assessment: 1x class presentation (equivalent to 1000wds) (25%), 2x class tests (equivalent to 3000wds) (75%)
    This unit combines literary and textual analysis with the development of oral and written skills in Italian through the case study and examination of a variety of Italian short fiction from the twentieth century to the present day.
  • ITLN3679 Filming Fiction: The Italian Experience
    Classes: 1x1-hr lecture/week, 1x1-hr tutorial/week
    Prerequisites: One of ITLN1612, ITLN1632, ITLN1102, ITLN1202, ITLN1302, HSC Italian Continuers or Beginners
    Assessment: Class participation (10%), 1xoral presentation (equivalent to 1500wds) (20%), written assignments (equivalent to 2000wds) (30%), 1x2500wd final essay (40%)
    An examination of the relationship between Italian cinema and fiction. Do they speak a common language? Do they employ comparable techniques? Who copies whom? This unit investigates these and other questions by analysing the adaptation of selected contemporary Italian novels into film.
  • ITLN3682 Fiction of Youth
    Classes: 2x1-hr seminars/week
    Prerequisites: ITLN1612 or ITLN2611 or ITLN2612 or ITLN2631 or ITLN2632 or ITLN3611 or ITLN3612 or ITLN3631
    Assessment: Class participation (10%), 1xoral presentation (equivalent to 1500wds) (20%), 1x2000wd class test (30%), 1x2500wd essay (40%)
    This unit (conducted in Italian) examines a range of Italian novels from the second half of the twentieth century whose authors or protagonists are young. We will conduct a literary analysis of the texts, considering aspects such as genre, viewpoint and style. Furthermore, we will study specific topics related to the themes of youth, paying attention to the historical and social background of the text.
  • ITLN3685 Linguistic Issues in Migration
    Classes: 2x1-hr seminars/week
    Prerequisites: ITLN2611 or ITLN2612 or ITLN2631 or ITLN2632 or ITLN3611 or ITLN3612 or ITLN3631
    Prohibitions: ITLN3754
    Assessment: seminar participation (10%), 1xoral presentation (equivalent to 1500wds) (20%), 1x1500wd class test (20%), 3xtake home assignments (equivalent to 1000wds in total) (20%), 1x2000wd final essay (30%)
    This unit of study examines the main linguistic phenomena that occur in the contact between majority and minority languages in a context of migration, using the Italo-Australian community as a case.
  • ITLN3687 Focus on Writing in Italian
    Classes: 2x1-hr seminars/week
    Prerequisites: One of (ITLN3631, ITLN3612, ITLN3301, ITLN3202 or ITLN3611)
    Prohibitions: ITLN3401
    Assessment: class participation (15%), written assignments (equivalent to 3500wds) (40%), 1xpresentation (equivalent to 1000wds) (20%), 1x1500wd class test (25%)
    This unit of study is designed specifically for students with advanced knowledge of Italian. Students will analyse and produce written texts of varying text types and writing techniques. They will also focus on specific strategies for written communication.
  • ITLN3691 Italian Literature: 1200-1860
    Classes: 1x2-hr seminar/week
    Prerequisites: ITLN1612 or ITLN2611 or ITLN2612 or ITLN2631 or ITLN2632 or ITLN3611 or ITLN3612 or ITLN3631
    Prohibitions: ITLN2902
    Assessment: 1x1500wd essay (25%), 1x3000wd essay (50%), written assignments (equivalent to 1500wd) (25%)
    This unit deals with the literary cultures of Italy before it became a unified state. It analyses regional diversity while emphasising linguistic similarities. It addresses the paradox of a unique cultural and artistic civilization paralleled by a dramatically fragmented political system. Through analysis of influential texts and images in their historical context, students will gain a sound knowledge of major figures, works, and movements of one of the richest intellectual traditions in the world.
  • ITLN3694 Dante and the Middle Ages
    Classes: 1x2-hr lecture/week, 1x1-hr seminar/week
    Prerequisites: 18 junior credit points from Table A of the Table of Units of Study
    Assessment: 1x2000wd essay (30%), 1x1500wd class test (20%), quizzes (equivalent to 1000wd) (40%) and class participation (10%)
    This unit studies Dante's Divine Comedy in its entirety as an enduring work of poetry, a major text of the European literary tradition, and the most comprehensive synthesis of Medieval culture. We will look at how literature works in relation to the language and the rhetorical tradition in which it expressed on the one hand, and, on the other, the historical, philosophical and theological culture it expresses and interprets. This unit will be taught in English.
  • ITLN3695 Love in Italian Culture
    Classes: 1x1-hr lecture/week, 1x1-hr seminar/week
    Prerequisites: 18 Table A junior credit points
    Assessment:1x3000wd final essay (40%), 1x1500wd class test (25%), 1xpresentation (equivalent to 1500wd) (25%), class participation (10%)
    What is love? Italian authors throughout the centuries have provided many different interpretations. Drawing upon major works of Italian literature, this unit will explore a range of texts from the Middle Ages through to the 19th century that deal with love, its cultural and social contexts. The texts will be considered within the context of the visual culture of the time. This unit will be taught in English.