Events from 22 November, 2017

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  • 27th November, 2017
    10:30AM | Lunch to follow at 12:30PM

    Security on the Korean Peninsula: Making Sense of the Nuclear Crisis

    The Korean Peninsula has been rocked by change and uncertainty on both sides of the DMZ in the past year. In South Korea, Moon Jae-in was swept into office as president, and has moved to reform South Korea’s politics and economy. He has vowed to take a new approach in dealing with the challenge of North Korea. Amid heightened tensions, North Korea has accelerated its missile and nuclear development programs through increasing tests, and the United States under President Donald Trump has shifted from strategic patience to confrontation and isolation of North Korea.

    Experts in Korean politics and security will discuss the challenges facing the Korean Peninsula in this new climate, as well as the opportunities ahead.

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