Welcome to Korean Studies

Korean Studies has been taught at the University since 1991, and graduate numbers have grown dramatically since then.

Our undergraduate program provides a broad foundation in Korea-related fields, encompassing not only 'language skills' but also a range of 'studies' units such as Korean history, linguistics, culture and society, translation and interpretation, and media and communication. Of course the study of the Korean language will be a great advantage in Korea-related fields.

The three-year program is a comprehensive liberal arts curriculum that leads to a Bachelor of Arts or any combined degree within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Korean language alongside an Asia-focused area studies major can also be incorporated into a Bachelor of Global Studies.

The department’s staff specialise in the fields of Korean history, culture and society, media and communication, language and linguistics and Korean values and thought.

Prospective undergraduate students interested in Korean Studies are encouraged to contact the School of Languages and Cultures. Prospective postgraduates or members of the public are encouraged to contact the academic staff member who specialises in their area of interest.