Postgraduate Research

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences offers the following postgraduate degrees by research:

  • Master of Arts (Research)
  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Direct admission is possible at any level, provided that the applicable entry requirements are met.

If you are interested in undertaking a research degree in the area of Korean Studies and would like to discuss the opportunities that might be available to you, please contact the Chair of Department prior to application.

For information on matters that are not covered here, such as fees and English-language requirements, please see the website of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and/or the International Student Office. The following links should be helpful:

For information about research strengths in the department, view our academic profiles and the department's research profile.

Current research projects

  • Journalists’ Perception of Press Freedom in South Korea (PhD)
  • The Reception of Korean Wave in Japan (MA)

Past research projects

  • Reconstructing Feminism and Modernism in China: Young Female Chinese
    Audience Watching Korean TV Dramas’ (MA)
  • The Issue of Political legitimacy in North Korea (Honours)
  • Press Freedom in South Korea (Honours)
  • A Study of Seo Jae-pil's 'The Independent' 1896-1899 (Honours)
  • Korean University Students’ Perception of Australia (Honours)
  • Tanizaki Junichiro's influence on Dong-In Kim (MPhil)
  • Tonghak Movement in the late 19th Century Korea (Honours)
  • State-formation in early Korea (Honours)
  • Korea's relationship with Japan in the eighth and ninth centuries (MA)