Global Korea: Old and New

KSAA 2009 | The Sixth Biennial Conference of the Korean Studies Association of Australasia

Welcome to the website for the 2009 Korean Studies Association of Australasia Conference, held on 9-10 July 2009 at the University of Sydney, Australia.

«Global Korea: Old and New» is the conference theme. South Korea has experienced a rapid globlalisation process in the last few decades and as a result, every aspect of the country and its people has undergone change: These transformations call for serious academic investigation. We see this conference playing a role in these transformations, not only by presenting the results of current and past research, but by also advancing a vision and philosophy for the future.

Dr Duk-Soo Park
Chair, Organising Committee
KSAA 2009 Conference


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Keynote Speakers

Professor Robert Buswell
Professor Buswell is the President of the Association of Asian Studies, the first Koreanist to hold this office; Director, Academy of Buddhist Studies, Dongguk University, Seoul; professor of Buddhist Studies in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures, and founding director of the Center for Buddhist Studies and Center for Korean Studies at UCLA. His keynote speech "Korean Buddhist Journeys to Lands Worldly and Otherworldly" is published in the official proceedings of the conference

Professor Do Hyun Han
Professor Do Hyun Han is Professor in Sociology and Director of the Strategic Initiative for Korean Studies at the Academy of Korean Studies. He presented the second keynote speech "Visibility and Academic Impact of Korean Studies in the Global Academic Community" which was published in the conference proceedings.