Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts (Languages) Degree

In order to remain enrolled in this degree, you must maintain a credit average (65%) across all units completed, including a credit average in the units of study of your language major.

You will also study overseas for at least one semester at an approved learning institution. The country you visit will speak the language in which you major. You will need to enrol in a minimum of 24 senior credit points (including 12 in the language major) for one semester abroad, or 48 senior credit points (including 24 in the language major) for two semesters abroad.

Other Requirements

  • The BA (Languages) is a four year degree and you will need to successfully complete 192 made up of no more than 72 junior credit points and at least 120 senior credit points.
  • You will need to complete two majors from Part A of the Table of Units of Study. One must be a language studies major.
  • An additional 60 credit points can be taken from either Part A or Part B of the Table of Units of Study, allowing you the option to undertake units, or complete a third major, from another faculty.
  • Finally, in your fourth year you can choose to undertake honours or you can take additional minor or major sequences.

Language Majors

For advice on the language major of your choice, contact the Undergraduate Coordinator, or other designated contact of the Departments listed below.

Language major subject areas