Entry into the Bachelor of Arts (Languages)

This degree is suitable both for students wishing to continue language study at advanced levels, and for those undertaking one or more languages as beginners. Entry is competitive and the UAI is high - in 2012 it was 98.7 and places are limited.

  • Future students should consult the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences for entry requirements into this degree. Applications must be made through the University Admissions Centre.
  • Current students wanting to transfer from another degree can do so if there are places available. Your academic record will be taken into consideration. Applications must be made through the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Exit details

The Resolutions for the BA (Languages) allow students to either transfer from or exit with the BA from the BA (Languages). If they wish to transfer, they can apply in writing directly to the Faculty office. There is no form for a degree transfer.

If students wish to exit the degree, they must have completed the requirements for the BA within the BA (Languages), i.e. 144 credit points, no more than 48 junior credit points and a Table A major. The application to exit is also done by writing directly to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences office – and once again there is no form for this. Instead, a letter stating that they wish to exit from BA (Languages) with the BA is required.

In terms of other degrees, it depends on a number of things, for example whether the degree the student wishes to enter into offers internal transfer, where the student is in their candidature, and so on. In these cases it would be best for the student to seek advice from the Faculty office.