Frequently Asked Questions

Is this how I study languages at the University of Sydney?

The BA (Languages) is a stand-alone degree with a focus on completing a major in a chosen language while providing the opportunity to study overseas with the help of a $5000 scholarship. Studying overseas can become an initial enquiry into completing an honours, or even a PhD thesis.

You can also study languages as part of any other Arts degree. You can easily enrol into language units and go on to complete a major or honours in your chosen language and related studies. If you are enrolled in a degree from another faculty, you will need to check that your degree pathway allows you to take electives from the Arts Faculty.

Can I do more than one language?

Yes, both beginners and students already well versed in a language can choose two languages. Studying three languages is more difficult. You should also take into consideration the difficulty of a particular language, and whether the languages you choose are related in their structure and vocabulary.

For more advice you should consult the relevant departments.

I love languages, what is a good first year program for me?

A good first year program could include two languages, linguistics and another subject of interest from either Part A or Part B of the Table of Units of Study.

Can I combine the Bachelor of Arts (Languages) with another degree such as Law?

No. This is a stand-alone degree and does not combine with any other degree.

I'd like to become a diplomat. Can I complete a major in Government?

Yes. Government is a Table A major. As long as your other required Table A major is a language major from the list, you can major in Government.

What do Table A and Table B Units of Study refer to?

Together, Table A and Table B of the FASS Undergraduate Handbook list all units of study that students undertaking Arts degrees can enrol in.

  • Table A contains all units of study offered by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences;
  • Table B is a list of units offered by other faculties.

In your first three years (of full time study) or 144 credits points, you can choose up to six units of study or 36 credit points from Table B allowing you to complete your third major outside of the Arts Faculty if you want to. In your fourth year you can choose all of your units from either Table A or Table B.