Organising your overseas trip

Semester / Year abroad component

You must fulfill the degree requirements in order to stay in the BA (Languages) degree and to receive the $5,000 scholarship towards the overseas study component.

The compulsory overseas study component of the degree requires students to spend at least one semester of full-time approved study overseas. The country you visit will speak the language in which you major and the studies you undertake will be credited towards your degree. If you major in more than one language, you might consider spending a year overseas, dividing your time between two countries.

When can I go abroad?

This study is usually undertaken in the third year of the degree / after you have completed 3 semesters.

What scholarship can I apply for and how do I qualify?

The International Office provides $5,000 to each eligible student towards the costs associated with overseas study. Enrolment must be in a minimum of 24 senior credit points (including 12 in the language major) for a semester abroad, or 48 senior credit points (including 24 in the language major) for two semesters abroad. You will receive $5000 regardless of whether you study overseas for one semester or for one year.

Other useful information

It is never too early to start thinking about and planning your overseas study. If you are applying for an exchange place through the International Office, your application will have to be made 12-18 months before your departure. Remember that you should try to organise your study through the International Exchange Program wherever possible.

If you are travelling to a country where there is no exchange partnership in place, you will need to organise your study directly with a departmentally approved university or institute. In this instance the relevant department may already know of suitable places and should be your first point of contact. If not you will need to discuss with your department and 'shop around' for options.

The International Office is a key resource for all information to do with overseas study, especially during the initial planning stage.

Program deadlines for studying abroad

For all information on deadlines, the application process, dates and times of information sessions, go to the University's Student Exchange webpages .