Weekly Seminar Series

Weekly Department of Linguistics seminars are held on Thursdays, 12:00–1:30pm, in the Rogers Room (N397), John Woolley Building, unless otherwise advised.


11 August – Kristine Horner - University of Sheffield
Constructing the Ideal Citizen-Speaker as Monolingual?: Language as Site of Struggle in Multilingual Luxembourg

19 August - Rebecca Defina - The University of Melbourne
Events in language and thought: The case of serial verb constructions in Avatime

26 August – James Martin - The University of Sydney
Relaxing stranglehold of predication: Tagalog MOOD

9 September – Nick Enfield - The University of Sydney
Polar Answers: a cross-linguistic study

23 September – Wayan Arka - Australian National University
Externally and internally headed relative clauses in Marori

7 October – Nick Riemer - The University of Sydney
Cognitive Linguistics: material histories of an idealist doctrine

21 October – Hannah Sarvasy - Australian National University
Insubordination starts early: ‘root infinitives’ in child-directed and child Nungon?

28 October - Danielle Barth - Australian National University
Variation in Matukar Panau Kinship Terminology